Juggling and Magic Shows

Juggling and Magic Shows are designed to accommodate audiences numbering from 10-500 and will intrigue all ages from 2-102! It’s a 45-50-minute high-energy performance of World-Class Juggling with Magic incorporated throughout!

The Juggling of a 10-pin bowling ball along with 2 eggs, or fruit, or the manipulation of Spinning Plates and Basins, or even the disappearance of 1 and ½ quarts of milk balanced upon the chin, are some fun-filled impressive feats that are appreciated by kids of all ages! The eating of a juggled apple with other fruit, or juggling clubs while blindfolded, are included with some fancy,  3-, 4-, and 5-ball juggling tricks.

The Balancing of items upon the chin such as 16-foot-high extended spinning basins…or standard ironing boards, or even bowls of milk hovering above the crowd, only to disappear into thin air, are all antics which leave the audience in astonishment!

The show, which is full of audience participation, exhibits versatility such as Ukulele Sing-A-Longs, Juggling, Magic, Plate, Bowl, and Basin Spinning, and Parasol and Ball Manipulation! All ages have thoroughly enjoyed the show since the early 1990s!

Flippo performing his act in front of a crowd of enthusiatic children

Great for any type of family or corporate event!

If people will be coming and going throughout your event, such as a grand opening or customer appreciation day, considering bringing Flippo the Juggling Magician in for The Walk Around instead of a sit-down show.

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