Birthday Parties

The 1-hour Birthday Party Show

The show kicks off with a bit of comedy using the “Talking Keyboard.” After Flippo plays Happy Birthday on the keyboard to the birthday child, numerous special birthday wishes come chanting out simultaneously from all the imaginary keyboard dwellers.

Flippo also offers 1.5 and 2 hour shows. Learn more about choosing the right-sized birthday party show!

Juggling Antics involves the manipulation of juggling props such as balls, clubs, spinning plates, bowls, and basins follow, all done to very specific songs. Here, the birthday child gets the opportunity to demonstrate his or her juggling skills by spinning the Magical Spinning Basin to a Star Wars accompaniment. These high-energy Juggling Antics lead the kids into an equally exciting Magic Show employing several anxious volunteers to make the magic happen!

The focus throughout the show is naturally on the birthday child; it being his/her very special day!

If you’re interested in balloon sculptures, Flippo shortens the Juggling Antics with Magic Show to allow time for some really extensive and detailed balloon-twisting. The children choose from 75 different animals, hats, hearts, flowers, etc. for Flippo to twist for each and every one of them. Lastly, a deluxe balloon sculpture is presented to the birthday child! If balloon sculptures are not desired, the Juggling Antics with Magic Show fills the hour.

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