• Balloon Twisting Workshop

    large group of colorful twisted balloons together

Beginning Juggling & Balloon Art

Discover simple Balloon Magic. Learn the “twists of the trade” and learn how to make elaborate multi-balloon sculptures such as flowers, hats, mermaids, banana trees, and even the Pink Panther on his motorcycle.

Intermediate Juggling & Balloon Art

Make “inflation” work for you—learn the more difficult balloon animals such as the poodle, kangaroo, deer, teddy bear, and much more.

“WAY C-O-O-O-L” Balloon Sculptures

Learn the “twists of the trade” and be a hit at any party or event. Dazzle anyone from your kids to your co-workers with balloon creations including: the stupendous shamrock, the “eggs”-traordinary Easter bunny, the awesome blossom, the swan centerpiece, the Pink Panther, the 10-gallon hat, and much more.

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