• Juggling Class

    juggling equipment laying on the ground

Beginning Juggling

The basic introductory course will teach the student that the art of juggling is for everyone. Learn the 3-ball Cascade juggling pattern. See why this ancient sport offers not only incredible fun, but also stress relief and cardiovascular exercise.

Intermediate Juggling

Knowledge of the Cascade is a prerequisite for this class. Learn 3-ball tricks such as the “Half-Shower” and “Shower,” the century-old “juggling-on-a-string,” and the “Reverse Cascade.” Discover the fun of 4-ball juggling and passing 6 balls with a partner.

Comedy Juggling Antics

Experience the fun and excitement of indulging in such antics as juggling, plate-spinning, balancing, and lots more. See why juggling is really “catching” and discover the comedy end of real juggling buffoonery! This ancient sport is tremendous fun and is also great cardiovascular exercise, so be prepared to lose those unwanted calories!

“Cardio” Juggling

Want to discover a dynamic method of developing a healthy heart? How about experiencing an awakening of endorphins of the brain in such a way that you are left with a feeling of total invigoration beyond your wildest dreams.

  • Stress reduction has never been so simple! Even regarded as a form of meditation, juggling 3, 4, and 5 balls has numerous benefits often overlooked.
  • Learn the 3-ball Cascade in under 30 minutes! Learn 4- and 5-ball juggling using the secret of the “multiplex” throw! Get ready to become “cardio-vascularly challenged” ‘cus “Juggling is Catching!”
Flippo juggling black and white balls

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