Junior Magician Camp Details

The Junior Magician/Juggling Camp consists of 6 sessions. Every camp is slightly different and can be customized to some degree. Here is a basic outline of what to expect in each session.

Note: Each camp can accommodate up to 20 children, ages 7 and up.


The “Giggles” Bug is highly contagious!!!

  • Session 1: Introduction to Some-Strictly-Silly-Skills

    Such as:

    • Trying your hands at Juggling — “It’s really catching!”
    • OR “Making inflation work for you” — twisting some “way cool” balloons!
    • OR Learning the secrets behind really “Prestofying Magic!”
  • Session 2

    Here’s what it is:

    Getting Into Some “Serious Laughter” and…

    1. Twisting the basic balloon dog, giraffe, hat, mouse, bunny, and fish.
    2. Juggling Scarves, progressing from 1-ball to 2-ball to……..TA-DAH…….the 3-ball cascade.
    3. Partaking in the ultimate….. Peacock Feather Balance Contest!
    4. Flippo demonstrates the Anti-Gravitational 10-Box Balance.
  • Session 3

    • Dazzle friends with some of the magically mystifying effects of thumb tips, change bags, magic pans, etc.
    • Everyone tries spinning plates and “Spinning the Basin!”
    • Impressive balloon creations such as the Star Wars Laser Gun and Sword, the love birds on the heart, and “Huggy Bears.”
    • Of the 500 different variations of 3-ball juggling patterns… lets get “cardiovascularly challenged” and learn 3 new ones:
      • Back & Forth
      • Under the leg
      • Easy-kneesy nosey
  • Session 4

    More balloon sculptures:

    • The Parrot on the Swing
    • The Swan
    • The Horse
    • The T Rex
    • The Moose
    • The Butterfly
    • The Lion
    • The Elephant
    • The Turtle
  • Session 5

    Some more 3-ball juggling tricks:

    • The Half-Shower
    • The Shower
    • The Chin Trap
    • Juggling On-A-String
    • The Reverse Cascade
    • Clawing and Columns
    • OR… MAYBE… 4 balls or 5 or passing 6 with a partner.
    • Put a needle through a balloon (with caution of course!) and experience the magic of “D’LIGHT” (in the dark).
  • Finale Session 6: Balloon Extravaganza!!!

    Blow them away… (not the balloons!) with these awesome inflatables!!

    • The Umbrella
    • The 10-Gallon Hat
    • The Pink Panther riding a motorcycle
    • The Monkey spying from the ol’ banana tree!